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Jamie Tardif

CEO, Designer, and Creator of Possibilities

Jamie boasts an extensive background in Graphic Design. After completing a Graphic Design Capstone at Lake Weir High School in Ocala, Florida, she earned an A.A.S in the same field from Lake Sumter State College. She has successfully built a thriving web design and social media agency in Ocala, Florida.

Her innate skills in sales, marketing, and design, combined with her creative problem-solving abilities, make Jamie an invaluable asset to her clients. During college, she held positions such as art director for a major financial firm, creative director for a prominent print company, and lead designer for various large-scale projects. As her career progressed, she developed expertise in web design and social media management. Jamie is passionate about supporting local businesses and firmly believes in avoiding international outsourcing. Her familiarity with Ocala and its neighboring regions allows her to help businesses thrive locally.

With services ranging from straightforward logo creation to comprehensive e-commerce platforms, Jamie envisions The Ocala Design Group as the ultimate solution for all business needs. As she takes charge of every aspect of your marketing plan, she is committed to working closely with each business to achieve and surpass their annual objectives.

To schedule a meeting with Jamie, reach out to her via email at She eagerly awaits the opportunity to learn more about you and your goals.

JOE Tardif

Chief Operations Officer

Joe Tardif serves as the Co-Owner and COO at The Ocala Design Group. With over 18 years of experience in sales and business development, Joe has honed his skills in building and nurturing professional relationships. His career is marked by a passionate commitment to assisting individuals and businesses in achieving their goals.

At the heart of his approach is a belief in the power of connections and networking. Joe understands that the success of a business is deeply intertwined with its ability to forge strong, meaningful relationships within its community and industry. He excels in identifying opportunities for growth and facilitating partnerships that benefit all parties involved.

In his role at The Ocala Design Group, Joe has been instrumental in expanding the company's reach and enhancing its reputation as a leader in its field. His expertise in strategy development and market analysis has played a key role in guiding the company's direction and growth.

Outside of work, Joe is known for his involvement in various community initiatives, further reflecting his dedication to building networks and supporting others. His approachable demeanor and depth of knowledge make him a valued leader and a trusted advisor in the business community.

Olivia Fuller

Chief Operations Manager

Olivia Fuller brings to The Ocala Design Group a rich understanding in the equine industry. Her extensive experience of the sector makes her an invaluable asset to the team, especially in her role of Equine Solutions. Olivia's passion for equine culture and her professional journey are deeply intertwined, reflecting her commitment to both the industry and the advancement of The Ocala Design Group.
Olivia plays a pivotal role in bridging the gap between the equine industry and the digital world. She understands the unique needs of trainers, farms, and equestrian facilities, and is dedicated to enhancing their online presence. Her work involves crafting customized digital strategies that resonate with the essence of the equine world, ensuring that her clients stand out in the digital landscape.
Olivia is a familiar face at local networking events and equine gatherings. She is known for her ability to articulate the importance of a robust online presence for those in the equine industry. Her talent for networking is unmatched; she is renowned for her quick and effective connection-making skills. Olivia's presence at these events not only represents The Ocala Design Group but also reinforces the company's commitment to the equine community. Her ability to seamlessly connect the traditional equine industry with modern digital solutions is a testament to her innovative thinking and strategic approach.

Jackie troughton

Chief Financial Officer

Jackie Troughton is a seasoned professional in the field of accounting and office management, currently serving as the CFO for The Ocala Design Group. With a career that spans several years, Jackie has developed a comprehensive skill set in accounting, bookkeeping, and tax services, showcasing her expertise and dedication to financial accuracy and efficiency.

Her role at The Ocala Design Group involves overseeing the financial operations, ensuring that billing processes are streamlined and accurate, and managing accounting records with precision. Her attention to detail and ability to handle complex financial tasks effectively make her an invaluable asset to the team.

In addition to her role at The Ocala Design Group, Jackie is the proud owner of AMA Certified Bookkeeping, a testament to her entrepreneurial spirit and deep understanding of the accounting industry. Her business focuses on providing top-notch bookkeeping services, further solidifying her reputation as a knowledgeable and reliable professional in the field.

Jackie's experience in office management also plays a pivotal role in her career, allowing her to efficiently organize and manage administrative tasks alongside her accounting responsibilities. Her multifaceted expertise, combined with a commitment to excellence, makes her a respected figure in her professional circle.

Overall, Jackie Troughton is a dedicated and skilled professional whose experience in accounting, bookkeeping, tax services, and office management has made her a key contributor to the success of The Ocala Design Group and her own venture, AMA Certified Bookkeeping.

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