About the Owner

Jamie M. Shaw-Tardif

Owner, Designer, and Marketer


I have a long history as an accomplished Graphic Designer. Graduating from Lake Weir High School in Ocala, Florida with a Capstone in Graphic Design, I went on to obtain an A.A.S in Graphic Design from Lake Sumter State College, extremely proficient in Adobe Creative Suite and Quark Xpress. Some of my accomplishments include running marketing for multiple companies, completing work for numerous game design companies and being recognized with multiple MVP awards during my time working retail. My artistic nature can make me a valuable asset to my clients. My skill and enthusiasm shines through in all of my designs.

My story begins back when I was a little girl, My family was always very supportive and always pushed me to be creative. I started creating in girl scouts, then moved on to 4H clubs, then to FFA. I took my first graphic design class when I was in eighth grade, and I was in love - we were taught the basics of design, and how it all came about. I was the head of the class (not to toot my own horn - but, toot toot). I learned the basics of design, the basics of screen-printing, and the beginnings of vinyl work.  

Once I moved onto ninth grade, Lake Weir High had an actual graphic design class, I joined it as my first elective. The teacher worked in the field for a really long time, and was able to teach us real world experience. Something that still to this day find extremely knowledgeable. I then worked my way through each level of class - eight in total until the day I graduated. I was the president of the Design Club, and won the Portfolio Scholarship. I then was awarded my Capstone in Graphic Design. 

In fall of 2007, I enrolled in Lake Sumter State College to pursue my AAS in Graphic Design. Luckily I had all of the experience from my high school classes because it made the college level design classes a breeze. While I was going to school I worked numerous design jobs - I wanted as much work experience as possible. I worked at TL graphics printing t-shirts, Copy Depot a local print shop, and Phillip's Printing a larger scale print shop in town. That was not including the work I did as a freelance designer. 

Once I graduated college, I started to work bigger jobs, with bigger companies, I ran art departments, I was a creative lead in many large projects, and with more and more, I fell more and more in love. I started to pick up more jobs as a freelance designer, and I eventually was able to work from home, and I still do today. 

I currently work in marketing, and do most of the designs for the companies also. I love what I do.  And, I would love to help you learn to love what you do. I can help you. 

Thanks so much for joining me here - take a look around - and please contact me if you have any questions!