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Your website is complete, and we are ready to wrap up your project and prepare to launch your website. Please take your time and carefully review your entire website, page by page. Read and verify that all your content is correct, pages and sections are accurate, and the features work properly.


We need you to review all the content and provide an official approval.

As you proof and review your website, here are things to look for which include but are not limited to:

• Menus & contact forms work correctly

• Contact Information is accurate

• Accuracy of all page content

• Images galleries functioning correctly

• Blog posts all appear as expected

• Footer content is accurate

• Links are working correctly

• Featured images show on all pages


Once you have finished reviewing your site and believe it is approved "as is", please complete the following approval form and submit. Once your approval is received, we will schedule your website launch on the live server.

Thanks for submitting!

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