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According to Instagram, Photos Will Get More Focus in 2023

Instagram's CEO, Adam Mosseri, has stated in his weekly Q&A series on IG Stories that the platform plans to shift its focus back to photos in 2023. Mosseri acknowledged that in 2022, Instagram had become too focused on video content, which affected the balance between photos and videos on the app. He noted that Instagram had since made efforts to address this imbalance and restore the proper ratio between photo and video content.

Mosseri emphasized that photos would continue to be a vital aspect of the app, and maintaining the right balance between photo and video content would be crucial. This news is likely to be welcomed by Instagram purists who have been pushing for the app to return to its roots, which were based on still images.

Instagram became popular with users who used it to share memories and compositions in the form of an interactive photo album online. However, the arrival of Stories changed the focus of the app. Stories became a key feature that Meta used to curb the growth of Snapchat, which it saw as a rising competitor. The increased focus on Stories led to a shift towards video content, which has led to an identity crisis for Instagram, with some users wondering if it's still a photo-sharing app.

Mosseri is aware of this issue and wants to fix it. The balance between photo and video content will be dictated by user engagement. If people engage more with photos, the app will move in that direction. However, if Reels prove to be the key driver, the app will show more Reels. Ultimately, the goal is to restore the authentic and engaging experiences that made Instagram a unique and valuable platform.


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