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Find the network that’s best for your small business!

The major social networks each have different strengths, so it’s important for you to market your business on the platforms that are most suitable. You might want to focus on 1-2 social platforms to devote more time to the most effective channels for your business.You can choose these channels based on where your target audience spends their time.

Here, get an overview of the major social channels – and decide which ones are best for your business.

  • Twitter is best for short, written messages – think: sharing links, starting conversations, and responding to threads. It helps people stay in touch with your business and get updates about new offers, specials or changes to normal service.

  • Instagram is a network for inspiring visuals, and can also be a shoppable platform – when you post a photo or video of a product, you can add a link to that product’s page on your website. All customers need to do is tap to shop! When you’re posting on Instagram, choose visuals that reinforce your brand or product, and connect with customers in the comments. You can also use Instagram Stories to give followers a more unfiltered look at your business – this is a great place to do a Q&A, give a tour of your studio or repost customer testimonials.

  • Facebook does lots of the things other networks do, but in a single place. You can post pictures and videos, have conversations, provide updates about your business and share promotions. Facebook is a great place to create buzz around your business – ask customers to leave reviews and ‘Like’ your page. This will give you exposure to their Facebook friends, and potentially send new clients your way. Planning an in-store or online event? Create a Facebook event to get the word out and collect RSVPs. You can also add a ‘Shop’ section on your page, and link to products on your website through Facebook posts.

  • Pinterest is a highly visual platform. According to Shopify, over 90% of Pinterest users plan purchases using the platform. Many people flock to Pinterest for inspiration when redecorating a home, looking for new recipes, researching hair and beauty trends, or planning a wedding – so if your business is relevant for any of these categories (caterers, florists, interior decorators, hair stylists), you should definitely start pinning.

  • TikTok is a social platform that lets users get creative with videos, music and sound effects. If you want to give customers a behind-the-scenes look at your business or film a tutorial, TikTok could be a perfect platform for you.


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