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Have a Google Business Site? As of June, You Will No Longer Have a Website!

In a significant development for businesses and website owners, Google has announced that it will be discontinuing its Google Sites service in March 2024. This change is set to impact a large number of users who have relied on Google Sites for their online presence. As part of this transition, existing websites on Google Sites will initially be redirected to the respective Google Business Profiles of the users. This interim solution provides a brief window for businesses to maintain an online presence without immediate disruption.

However, it's important to note that this is only a temporary measure. By June 2024, these redirects will cease, effectively leaving businesses without a website on the Google Sites platform. This presents a significant challenge for many, particularly small businesses that depend on their online presence for customer engagement and sales.

In light of these changes, The Ocala Design Group recognizes the challenges and uncertainties this transition may bring to businesses, especially those who have heavily invested in their Google Sites. To support businesses during this time of change, The Ocala Design Group is committed to standing with those affected. We are offering tailored payment plans designed to alleviate some of the financial burdens associated with this shift. Our goal is to ensure that businesses can smoothly transition to a new and effective web presence without facing undue financial stress.

We strongly advise businesses to schedule a meeting with us at their earliest convenience. Given the impending changes, we anticipate a significant increase in demand for our services. Early scheduling will ensure that you receive timely and dedicated assistance to navigate through this transition. Our team at The Ocala Design Group is ready to offer expert guidance and support to help your business adapt to these new circumstances and continue to thrive online.


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